Joshua Godfrey

Founder, CEO

I am Joshua Godfrey, an Active Duty United States Air Force veteran. I started hunting rabbits when I was five years old with a recurve bow. My hobby has since then turned into a passion of mine which has led me to hunt across the United States: Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, and Missouri. My hunting didn't stop there however, I have also hunted throughout Europe and South Africa in fulfilling my dream to continue to travel around the world hunting. My passion for hunting is why I started Shooting Stix Safaris, which offers hunting opportunities all over the world. My last excursion was in South Africa where I shot 19 animals with a rifle in 10 days, harvesting every animal on my bucket list. I have since fallen in love with South Africa and now offer bookings in South Africa, and recently added Europe, turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Canada. I have numerous outfitters within the United States as well. I will continue to expand and give my clients more options that fulfill their dream hunt. Thank you for choosing Shooting Stix Safari's.

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